TV & Film Industry, Foam Carvers

A simple, convenient resource for foam artists and designers – from sourcing foam blocks, tools and accessories to recycling and disposal of foam sets.

Blue Goblin offers a range of products and services to support your foam carving needs, including:

Foam Recycling

In the TV & film industry, large-scale sets, even whole cities, are often created from carved plastic foam.  Likewise, artists may provide foam sculptures for a wide variety of uses, from marketing and branding opportunities to special events.  These foam sets and sculptures and often designed to be used short-term, and disposing of them creates special challenges, as they are bulky and difficult to transport.

Blue Goblin offers a variety of convenient collection and processing alternatives to handle these bulky cast-offs, and well as off-cuts from the production process and other plastic foam waste.  Blue Goblin’s teams can make one-time or recurring visits to your site to collect discarded foams, providing convenience and potentially reducing your transportation costs.  Alternatively, Blue Goblin offers convenient drop-off at our facility in Northeast Atlanta/ Stone Mountain.

Compaction with Blue Goblin reduces the volume of plastic foam structures significantly, thus reducing transportation costs and taking trucks off the road – saving money while helping our environment.  With Blue Goblin recycling, the vast majority of these foams can be recut or recycled into reusable plastics or plastic components, creating a further environmental benefit, and further reducing landfill costs.

Blue Goo Foam Sealer

Blue Goblin’s Blue Goo Foam Sealer is now available in 5-gallon buckets.

  • Specially developed to coat vertical surfaces with minimal dripping
  • Creates an “eggshell” soft coat.
  • Ready to paint with just two coats.

Sales of New & Reconditioned Polystyrene Blocks

Blue Goblin sells new and reconditioned foam blocks in a variety of sizes and densities for foam carving projects ranging from single pieces to entire sets. 

New foam densities include 1.0, 1.25, 1.5 and 2.0 lb.

Our stock of reconditioned foam is constantly rotating. Contact us to learn more about availability.

Other Products and Services

Blue Goblin offers a range of other foam carving products and accessories for sale or rent, including:

  • Hand carving tools available for weekly rental
  • Billy Goat vacuum available for rent – ideal for cleaning up foam debris
  • Variety of foam adhesives and cleaners for sale.

“Since its inception, Blue Goblin has been committed to developing innovative, customized recycling programs that expand the range of materials that can be recycled or reused while providing economic value and excellent service for our customers.”

Ben Hirokawa, President, Blue Goblin LLC