Blue Goblin Recycling Solutions

Custom Recycling Solutions

Blue Goblin offers innovative, environmentally-sound solutions for recycling and disposal of hard-to-recycle and currently-unrecycled waste products, specializing in many types of Styrofoam and plastic foams.  Blue Goblin offers a wide range of recycling services to meet your company’s needs, including pick up and processing of foams and other recyclables and densified foam consolidation and sales.   Blue Goblin’s team can provide a 360⁰ assessment of your organization’s waste stream and recycling needs, and is available to consult with your organization about a wide variety of recycling solutions.

Blue Goblin offers its customers convenient, customized solutions to their recycling and disposal needs, working with each customer to determine what materials can be recovered and to develop recycling programs that are convenient, economical, and environmentally-sound.

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With Blue Goblin, responsibly recycling Styrofoam, plastic foam, and other hard-to-place items can be cheaper and more convenient than sending them to a landfill.

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What We Recycle

Blue Goblin recycles a broad range of Styrofoam and plastic foam products and other hard-to-place items, including:

  • All types of EPS and XPS plastic foams
  • Non-food Styrofoam packaging
  • EPE and EPP foam packaging for electronics, furniture, and automotive parts
  • Large-scale fabricated foam, such as film sets, props, and themed environments
  • Boat docks and other floatation foams
  • Roofing insulation
  • Insulating wall board
  • Flexible foams, including post-industrial seat cushioning and other furniture
  • Other hard-to-recycle items depending on each customer’s needs

Blue Goblin also offers cardboard recycling, recycling of LDPE films, compaction of non-recyclable rigid polyurethane, and other services to streamline customers’ recycling and waste disposal programs.


Who can benefit from Blue Goblin services?

  • Styrofoam and plastic foam manufacturers
  • Manufacturers of Styrofoam and plastic foam products
  • Appliance and furniture distributors
  • TV and film production studios
  • Foam fabricators
  • Schools, universities, hospitals and other institutions
  • Retail distribution and packaging companies
  • Manufacturers of roofing insulation
  • Roofing contractors
  • Hotels and apartment complexes
  • Municipalities and landfill operators
  • Other recyclers
  • Other commercial and industrial foam waste producers

Why recycle with Blue Goblin?

Cost Savings

  • Avoid costs of transporting bulky items: Blue Goblin will collect them at your site and offers options for you to compact on-site
  • Reduce landfill and disposal charges


  • Blue Goblin can collect a broad range of waste materials, streamlining your recycling and waste disposal programs
  • Blue Goblin will work with you to deliver services in a way that meets your needs

Custom Solutions

  • Blue Goblin can perform a 360-degree assessment of your company’s waste disposal needs; help you identify recyclable materials; and develop a plan for convenient, cost-effective, environmentally-sound disposal of those items.

Equipment Services

  • Blue Goblin can provide an assessment of your company’s recycling equipment needs and make recommendations for equipment rental or purchase

Environmental Advantages

  • Reduce landfill burden
  • Reduce trucks on the road by reducing transportation needs
  • Reduce consumption of raw materials
  • Reduce energy and water consumption associated with raw material production