School Systems, Universities, Hospitals and Other Institutions

Whether you are looking for solutions for your Styrofoam packaging and other plastic foam waste, renovating buildings and updating furnishings, or expanding your on-site recycling and waste-reduction efforts, Blue Goblin can provide solutions to meet your institution’s needs.

Styrofoam Packaging

Blue Goblin accepts and recycles many types of Styrofoam (non-food) packaging, including packaging materials from electronics and furniture and disposable lunch trays.  Contact us to discuss how Blue Goblin recycling can reduce your school’s landfill waste.

Renovation and Refurbishment

Renovating and refurbishing campus buildings creates a wide variety of waste, and Blue Goblin can help with many of your disposal needs, including recycling of roofing insulation and insulating wall board.

Other Services

Blue Goblin offers a range of other recycling services, including cardboard recycling, depending on the specific needs of your campus.  Blue Goblin representatives can meet with you to review your needs, identify recyclable materials, and develop a comprehensive plan for convenient and economical removal of those materials. 

Contact us so we can get started talking about how Blue Goblin can make your waste disposal program easier, cheaper, and greener today.

“Since its inception, Blue Goblin has been committed to developing innovative, customized recycling programs that expand the range of materials that can be recycled or reused while providing economic value and excellent service for our customers.”

Ben Hirokawa, President, Blue Goblin LLC