Blue Goblin Carving

Blue Goblin offers a wide range of products and services for foam carvers and anyone seeking to use foam structures for projects of all sizes.

Foam Blocks

Blue Goblin sells new and reconditioned foam blocks in a variety of sizes and densities for foam carving projects ranging from single pieces to entire sets. 

New foam densities include 1.0, 1.25, 1.5 and 2.0 lb.

Our stock of reconditioned foam is constantly rotating.

Carving accessories and tools

Blue Goblin sells a variety of foam carving accessories, including our Blue Goo foam sealer. Specially designed to coat vertical surfaces with minimal dripping, Blue Goo creates an eggshell softcoat. It’s ready to paint with just two coats.

Blue Goblin also carries a range of adhesives, cleaners, and other products.

Blue Goblin has hand carving tools and other tools, including our Billy Goat vacuum, available for weekly rental.

Custom Carving

Blue Goblin can create custom foam carvings to your specifications, whether you are looking for a single item or an entire set. Call us to discuss options.

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