Metal Scrap Yards, Recyclers, and Municipalities

Recyclers and Municipalities

Since its inception, Blue Goblin has been committed to developing innovative, customized recycling programs that expand the range of materials that can be recycled or reused while providing economic value and excellent service for our customers.

Ben Hirokawa, President, Blue Goblin LLC


Plastic foams are bulky and difficult to compact
A simple, convenient resource for recycling plastic foams from packaging, fabricated foam, boat docks and floatation foams, roofing and wall insulation, flexible foam cushions and furniture, and other post-industrial sources.

Blue Goblin offers a simple, convenient solution to recycle many types of plastic foams, including EPS, XPS, EPE, and EPP foams.  These bulky foams can take up significant landfill space and are very slow to degrade, making keeping them out of the landfill a priority.  At the same time, many waste companies and recyclers are not equipped to properly process and recycle these materials, or are primarily focused on other recyclables.  Blue Goblin offers a variety of alternatives to meet your needs:

  • Blue Goblin can pick up unwanted foams and other hard-to-recycle items at your site, simplifying your process and reducing your transportation costs
  • Blue Goblin offers two convenient drop-off points at our Atlanta-area locations, near the Atlanta airport and in Northeast Atlanta/Tucker.
  • Blue Goblin offers equipment rental and sales services to allow you to begin processing these materials at your site.
  • If you are already processing plastic foams on-site, Blue Goblin offers densified foam consolidation and sales services.

Blue Goblin also accepts and recycles cardboard, LPDE films, and other materials depending on a customer’s specific needs.  Blue Goblin representatives would be happy to discuss your hard-to-recycle items and help you find solutions.  Contact us to discuss how we can make disposal of plastic foams and other unwanted by-products faster and easier today.

Equipment Rental and Sales

If you are interested in processing plastic foams on-site, Blue Goblin offers several equipment rental and sales options.  Blue Goblin’s innovative short-term rental program for shredders and densifiers effectively allows you to time-share the cost of this equipment, having it on-site only on the days that you want to run it.  Blue Goblin’s team can help you determine which types of equipment are best for you, and can provide training and technical support for the use of the equipment.  When you are ready to deploy equipment full-time, Blue Goblin’s team can consult with you on a variety of types of equipment for long-term lease or purchase, and can help you find the equipment that best meets your needs.