Armstrong Ceiling Solutions Names Blue Goblin a Certified Construction & Demolition Processor

Recycling services provider will collect used ceiling panels from renovation projects in Atlanta area for re-use in the manufacture of new ceilings as part of a closed-loop recycling program.


        img69397      LANCASTER, PA – Armstrong® Ceiling Solutions, the nation’s largest manufacturer of acoustical ceiling systems, has named Blue Goblin of Atlanta, GA, an Armstrong Certified Construction & Demolition (C&D) Processor.

As an Armstrong C&D Processor, Blue Goblin will collect used ceiling panels that have been removed from commercial construction, renovation and demolition sites throughout the Atlanta area. The company will then process the ceilings and prepare them for shipment to an Armstrong plant where they will be used in the manufacture of new ceilings in a closed-loop process. Armstrong designates new panels made with high levels of recycled ceilings as Ceiling-2-Ceiling™ panels.

Alternative to Landfill Disposal

As a Certified C&D Processor, Blue Goblin in now an integral part of the Armstrong Ceiling Recycling Program. The program, which is the first and longest-running program of its kind, enables commercial building owners and contractors to send using ceilings from renovation and demolition projects to the nearest Armstrong ceiling plant as an alternative to landfill disposal.

Established in 2014, Blue Goblin provides customized recycling solutions and support to demolition and renovation projects throughout the Atlanta area.

“Since its inception, Blue Goblin has been committed to developing innovative, customized recycling programs that expand the range of materials that can be recycled or reused while providing economic value and excellent service for our customers,” says Ben Hirokawa, president of Blue Goblin LLC. “Our affiliation with the Armstrong Ceiling Recycling Program provides us with a powerful way to increase the materials our customers can recycle, which reduces landfill waste, conserves resources for the future, and creates value for our customers.”

Since it began the program in 1999, Armstrong has recycled more than 195 million square feet of used ceiling panels globally, preventing more than 97,500 tons of construction waste from being deposited in landfills throughout the world. Ceiling recycling can also help building owners and contractors save money on container costs and landfill fees and can contribute to the new LEED® v4 credits for the Construction Waste Management (CWM) prerequisite for a CWM plan and toward the CWM credit for diverting up to four different material streams on a project.

For more information on Blue Goblin, visit

For additional information on the Armstrong Ceiling Recycling Program, visit, chat live, or call the Armstrong Recycling Center at 877-276-7876, press 1, then 4.

Armstrong World Industries (AWI) is a global leader in the design and manufacture of innovative commercial and residential ceiling, wall, and suspension system solutions. With over 3,700 employees and fiscal 2015 revenues from ceiling operations in excess of $1.2 billion, AWI operates from a global manufacturing network of 25 facilities, including 10 plants dedicated to its WAVE joint venture.

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Listen to Blue Goblin President Ben Hirokawa on Midtown Business Radio

Ben radio

Blue Goblin founder and President Ben Hirokawa recently appeared on Midtown Business Radio to discuss the growing need for plastic foam recycling in construction, demolition, and other industries and how Blue Goblin’s innovative mobile system is changing the landscape in this emerging market.  Click here to listen to the show.

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Blue Goblin President Ben Hirokawa to Appear on Midtown Business Radio

BRX%20LOGOBen Hirokawa, president and founder of Blue Goblin LLC, will appear live on Midtown Business Radio on Tuesday, October 20, at 1 pm to discuss the growing need for plastic foam recycling in construction, demolition, and other industries and how Blue Goblin’s innovative mobile system is changing the landscape in this emerging market.

Each week, from the Business RadioX® studio in Midtown, host CW Hall interviews Atlanta’s top business professionals to learn what makes them the best at what they do.  

Listeners can stream the interview live at

The entire interview will be available in the Midtown Business Radio X archive after it airs.

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Innovative New Recycler Opens for Business in Southeast

ATLANTA, GA – February 19, 2015

Blue Goblin LLC, an innovative recycler of plastic foams, will open for business in early 2015.  Blue Goblin will recycle most types of XPS, PUR, ISO, and EPS foams, including those commonly found in commercial roofing and wall insulation; refrigerated transport units; mattresses and carpet pads; many types of consumer packaging; and other foam sources.

Blue Goblin’s unique mobile recycling unit will come to construction sites; hotels and hospitals; scrap yards; and other commercial sites needing to dispose of these foams, and begin the compaction and recycling process directly on site, offering a significant reduction in transportation costs for these bulky waste materials.

Blue Goblin offers environmentally-responsible, closed-system recycling of these foams, trapping the vast majority of the ODS and other greenhouse gasses that typically escape into the environment with less-sophisticated destruction methods.  Blue Goblin also reuses or recycles the residual foam briquettes, as well as virtually all other by-products of the compaction process, significantly reducing landfill waste.

Blue Goblin will be spearheaded by Ben Hirokawa, a veteran business leader with more than fifteen years’ experience as an owner and manager of fast-growing businesses in the plastics and recycling industries.  “Plastic foams found in construction materials, refrigerated transport, mattresses, and other sources are incredibly useful in our modern society, but they present significant environmental and disposal challenges when they reach end-of-life,” Hirokawa says of the new venture.  “Until recently, virtually all of these plastic foams were shredded and landfilled, in large part because the costs of transporting them to the few available plastics recyclers were prohibitive.  By coming to the demolition or renovation site to begin the compaction and recycling process, Blue Goblin can change that dynamic and offer a convenient, cost-effective, and environmentally-sound solution.”


For more information, contact  .

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