Commercial & Industrial Roofing, Renovation, and Demolition

Nationwide, 72% of construction waste is landfilled.


Blue Goblin offers a simple, convenient solution for recycling roofing insulation, wall insulation, and other recyclable foam materials.


Blue Goblin teams can remove these materials from your demolition or renovation project before they become part of your mixed waste stream, cutting down on sorting and general disposal needs, streamlining your process, and saving you money.

Roofing Insulation

Blue Goblin recycles roofing insulation from renovation and demolition sites as well as excess materials and off-cuts from roofing manufacturers.  Contact us to discuss your project’s precise needs.

Wall Insulation

Blue Goblin recycles many types of XPS foam wall insulation.  Contact us to discuss your project’s precise needs.

Equipment Solutions

On-site processing of plastic foam recyclables, which can involve shredding, heat densification, and/or baling of materials, can significantly reduce the volume of product to be disposed, thus reducing transportation costs and associated environmental impact.   If you are interested in exploring options for on-site processing, Blue Goblin’s team can consult with you on a variety of types of equipment for long-term lease or purchase, can help you find the equipment that best meets your needs, and can provide training and technical support for the use of the equipment.

If you are already producing densified foam at your facility, Blue Goblin’s representatives would be happy to discuss options for best placing these recyclables.

Other Services

Blue Goblin offers a range of other recycling services depending on the specific needs of your location.  Blue Goblin representatives can meet with you to review your needs, identify recyclable materials, and develop a comprehensive plan for convenient and economical removal of those materials.  Whether you need to address a single material or want to evaluate your entire waste stream, we will work with you to develop a service that meets your needs.

Contact us so we can get started talking about how Blue Goblin can make your waste disposal program easier, cheaper, and greener today.