Innovative New Recycler Opens for Business in Southeast

ATLANTA, GA – February 19, 2015

Blue Goblin LLC, an innovative recycler of plastic foams, will open for business in early 2015.  Blue Goblin will recycle most types of XPS, PUR, ISO, and EPS foams, including those commonly found in commercial roofing and wall insulation; refrigerated transport units; mattresses and carpet pads; many types of consumer packaging; and other foam sources.

Blue Goblin’s unique mobile recycling unit will come to construction sites; hotels and hospitals; scrap yards; and other commercial sites needing to dispose of these foams, and begin the compaction and recycling process directly on site, offering a significant reduction in transportation costs for these bulky waste materials.

Blue Goblin offers environmentally-responsible, closed-system recycling of these foams, trapping the vast majority of the ODS and other greenhouse gasses that typically escape into the environment with less-sophisticated destruction methods.  Blue Goblin also reuses or recycles the residual foam briquettes, as well as virtually all other by-products of the compaction process, significantly reducing landfill waste.

Blue Goblin will be spearheaded by Ben Hirokawa, a veteran business leader with more than fifteen years’ experience as an owner and manager of fast-growing businesses in the plastics and recycling industries.  “Plastic foams found in construction materials, refrigerated transport, mattresses, and other sources are incredibly useful in our modern society, but they present significant environmental and disposal challenges when they reach end-of-life,” Hirokawa says of the new venture.  “Until recently, virtually all of these plastic foams were shredded and landfilled, in large part because the costs of transporting them to the few available plastics recyclers were prohibitive.  By coming to the demolition or renovation site to begin the compaction and recycling process, Blue Goblin can change that dynamic and offer a convenient, cost-effective, and environmentally-sound solution.”


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