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The opportunity for mitigation of emissions from foams remains highly significant, particularly at end-of-life.

California Air Resources Board, Caleb Study (2010)

A simple, convenient resource for recycling Styrofoam packaging.

lue Goblin can process all types of PUR and EPS foams, including those found in most types of foam packaging.

Blue Goblin offers a variety of convenient collection and processing alternatives to meet our customers’ needs.  Blue Goblin’s mobile teams can make one-time or recurring visits to your site to collect discarded packaging, and may be able to begin processing of the foams on-site, reducing transportation costs.  Alternatively, Blue Goblin offers a convenient drop-off point at our warehouse near the Atlanta airport.

Compaction with Blue Goblin technology reduces the volume of foam packaging significantly, thus reducing transportation costs and taking trucks off the road – saving money while helping our environment.  With Blue Goblin recycling, the vast majority of these foams can be recycled into reusable plastics or plastic components, creating a further environmental benefit, and further reducing landfill costs.

In many cases, Blue Goblin’s closed technology can also capture and neutralize virtually all of the ODS gasses emitted during the compaction of these foams – gasses that would otherwise wind up in our environment if these waste products were simply landfilled or improperly compacted.

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