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Increasingly, state legislatures are considering legislation mandating mattress recycling on the state level. . . . In 2013, . . . legislators in California, Connecticut, and Rhode Island . . . developed mattress recycling laws.

International Sleep Products Association

Whether you are updating mattresses and furniture, replacing worn carpets, or undergoing a major overhaul, Blue Goblin can remove and recycle a broad range of your renovation and refurbishment waste.

Mattresses and Flexible Foam Furniture

roper disposal of mattresses at the end of their useful life is a growing problem throughout the recycling and waste management industries, and the problem is greatly magnified for commercial users, who may be in the situation of replacing and needing to dispose of hundreds of mattresses at a single location.  At an average of 23 cubic feet and 55 pounds per mattress, these items are among the largest – and most expensive – items hotels, hospitals, and other commercial users routinely throw away.  Compounding the problem, many communities are no longer accepting mattresses at their landfills, or are charging increasing fees for their disposal.

Blue Goblin can provide a recycling solution for your discarded bulk mattresses, and may even be able to begin processing on-site.  Our technology cleanly and safely converts used mattresses into briquettes that can be used as recycled plastic or plastic components, while capturing and neutralizing the harmful ODS gasses that improper destruction of these items releases into our environment.

In addition to processing mattresses, Blue Goblin can remove and recycle all types of flexible foam furniture, such as foam seat cushions, couches, and other items with foam components.

Carpet Tile & Carpet Padding

Blue Goblin works with Tandus Centiva to provide recycling solutions for PVC-backed carpet tiles – reclaiming and palletizing carpet tiles at our customers’ sites, and shipping the palletized tiles to Tandus for processing into new carpets.

Blue Goblin can also remove and recycle rebond (multi-color) carpet padding, and many other renovation by-products.  Learn more about carpet tile recycling with Blue Goblin here.

Ceiling Tiles

As an Armstrong Ceiling Solutions Certified C&D Processor, Blue Goblin provides an innovative recycling solution for mineral fiber and fiberglass ceiling tiles.  Blue Goblin reclaims and bales ceiling tiles at our customers’ job sites, shipping them to Armstrong’s facilities for processing into new ceilings – simplifying our customers’ waste disposal processes and saving them money, all while helping our environment.

In addition to removal and baling of ceiling tiles, Blue Goblin can remove and bale metal-framed ceiling supports, and can provide help with removal and reclamation of other related materials.  Learn more about ceiling tile recycling with Blue Goblin here.

Styrofoam Packaging

Blue Goblin can recycle most types of bulk Styrofoam (non-food) packaging.  Contact us today to get started.