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Many types of facilities can benefit from equipment that allows them to do some processing of Styrofoam and plastic foam recyclables on-site.  This on-site processing, which can involve shredding, heat densification, and/or baling of materials, can significantly reduce the volume of product to be disposed, thus reducing transportation costs and associated environmental impact.

Blue Goblin’s innovative short-term rental program for shredders and densifiers effectively allows you to time-share the cost of this equipment, having it on-site only on the days that you want to run it.  Blue Goblin’s team can help you determine which types of equipment are best for you, and can provide training and technical support for the use of the equipment.

When you are ready to deploy equipment full-time, Blue Goblin’s team can consult with you on a variety of types of equipment for long-term lease or purchase, and can help you find the equipment that best meets your needs.

If you are already producing densified foam at your facility, Blue Goblin’s representatives would be happy to discuss options for best placing these recyclables.

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